Thursday, 19 March 2009

Tesco Double Concentrated Squash

Princes and Tesco developed double concentrated squash to deliver environmental and consumer benefit via smaller, lighter, more portable pack sizes, leading to a reduction in packaging and less trucks on the road. The new range, called Double concentrated squash involves the end user adding 9 parts water to their squash instead of 4 parts water to 1 part squash. This allows the user to consume the same end product in their glass for half the amount of squash, while using half the amount of packaging. And the great thing is, the bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic (rPET).

In addition to the major consumer benefits of a more convenient and portable pack format, better availability and choice, this new initiative offers major environmental benefits as detailed below:

Environmental Benefits:

Old 3L (76g) moved to New 1.5L (41g)
• 46% packaging reduction.
• 34% reduction in vehicle movements
• Annualised saving of 824 tons of PET.
• Removes need for 13.4m plastic handles.

1L (34g) moved to 750ml (28g)
• 17% packaging reduction (>30% when compared with industry 1.5L bottles)
• 33% reduction in vehicle movements
• Effective PET reduction of 637 tons.
• 100% recycled bottle.


  1. Hi Karen,

    This is a fine idea. Collaboration is a welcome new approach.

    The supermarket sector has made great strides in reducing packaging, in this case by liquid concentration, using plastic bottles. There is also reduced weight in plastic bags. These are steps towards Zero Waste and therefore, welcome.

    The aim of Zero Waste is to tackle such problems using new materials and processes. Would a refillable option be practical? This might be a simpler plastic bottle and a home bottle and cap, the latter being refilled and reused many times.

    There will be a slight delay with my profile (and picture) due to a family commitment. I apologise for this unforeseen circumstance and will look for a speedy alternative.

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