Thursday, 19 March 2009

It's a genius invention: The RE:Tie

Do you ever get fed up of those bottles which come with tamper proof plasticky bits? The only thing you can do is bung them in the bin.

Don't fret, as help will soon be to hand with a neat little invention from Peter Martin at, who has created an added twist to turn those useless pieces of packaging into something useful, a re:tie that can be put to use at home and in the garden. Simple, yet effective.

Peter is already in talks with interested parties, so keep your eyes peeled for when his patented invention comes to a supermarket near you.

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  1. Oo-eck! Sparing my blushes again. Ta for the plug, Mrs A.
    I have only just sussed out how to sign up and in to this mighty blog, and thanks for the invite.
    I see I am allowed, nay expected to crank the odd eyebrow and hope to help others view matters green constructively, but also critically too.
    To recycle...use my old saying, 'Not all that is green can be viewed in black and white!'.
    Now to match the 'much better at multi-tasking' girls in the 'crew', and scare up some content.
    I hope quality (ahem:) is OK over quantity, especially as I am about to miss the deadline on the reuse competition materials.
    But looking forward to pitching in (but not the bin:)


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